about us

about us

Fire takes no Holiday, neither do we!

We at Samaypra are on a mission to fix the most tolerable third party- - FIRE! Founded in 2012, Samaypra Technosolutions Pvt Ltd was born from a realization, “Fire is a good servant but, a bad master”. We specialize in designing and execution of firefighting systems, fire detection, fire suppression and Fire Alarm System for the residential, commercial and industrial requirement. Make no mistake, we are not an organization that offers best in class firefighting, detection, and alarm system, we work to save lives. Offering fire safety systems is merely the means by which we fulfill our mission i.e. to save lives from any possible fire accidents cause water won’t do all of it.

Be it a commercial or a residential project, regardless of the scale, Samaypra is always working round the clock to provide the best in class and safest fire safety solutions. “A life saved is a life changed”, this is what keeps us going one project after the other. The industries that we cater to are as follows -
1. Chemical 2. Industrial & Manufacturing 3. Educational Institutes 4. IT Parks 5. Commercial 6. Residential 7. Cold Storage Units 8. Hospitals 9. Aviation base stations 10. Aviation Industrial Manufacturing Plant 11. Retail Stores & warehouses 12. Power Generation Units 13. Logistic Units even carriers 14. Mining plants 15. Oil plants 15. Automobile industry

For Samaypra, the journey so far has been successful but, we are not done yet. As our founder always says, “Success is never owned, it’s rented and the rent is due everyday”. We keep at it every day, our aspiration is to be ensure that every residential or commercial property in country is 100% equipped with the best fire safety measures to take any possible situation head on that endangers the people operating or living in that property.


At Samaypra, we envision to be a people's organization that focuses on building the safest and perfect environment by eliminating all the possible threats caused due to non-existent or compromised fire safety practices. We aim to make every residential and commercial property safe against any possible threat due to substandard, compromised or non-existent fire safety practices.


Our Mission is to help commercial & residential premises owners take proactive fires safety measures by being flexible in our pricing. Our goal is to provide unmatched support in order to save a life, “A Life saved is a life Changed”. To encourage people to put Fire Safety Systems a non-negotiable in their list of safety parameters.