director’s profile

director’s profile

Mr. Basant H. Jain

Founder & Director

They Say, "once a businessman is set for a mission or purpose which goes beyond profits and numbers, there's a rare possibility that he'd fail".

Mr. Basant Jain's story is no less than a journey of sweat, tears, blood and sheer commitment which started a decade ago. Mr. Basant H Jain was a trader of electricle equipment and material for over half a decade, working closely with people at the very bottom of the food chain. His conviction to make sure these people work in a safe environment lead him to start Samaypra Technosolutions Pvt Ltd with his family members Mrs. Soniya B Jain and Mr. Mohan H Jain. Under his leadership, the Company commenced its transformational journey, reaching out to customers across the length and breadth of this country, from time to time Mr. Basant Jain’s critical problem solving abilities and business acumen has created Samaypra’s mark on the global market as well when he was called upon to fix a problem which seemed like a dead end for most of the recognized names from the industry. His sharp thinking and eye to details has been appreciated & endorsed by many and a 100% client retention rate proves that.

Mr. Basant Jain is a man of simple values & ethics which are purely based upon the belief that, “nothing is above humanity” and that can be seen & felt in Samaypra’s leadership as well. Every person associated with Samaypra shares the vision and values required to fulfil this tough task. To Mr. Basant’s ideology, it’s not the leader/owner who represents the Ethos but, the people working in the trenches shoulder to shoulder.

Generally, a business is born out of a great idea or the zeal to make a name, maybe earn more money but, like the journey so far, Samaypra’s seed was born out of pure realization. To Mr. Bsant Jain’s realization the safety parameters, at times, take a back seat in any commercial or residential infrastructure, if the company/developers have tight budgets. To totally eliminate these possibilities Samayapra works with a flexible budget model, ensuring the quality is never compromised as it can lead to fatal accidents if neglected and this is something that makes Samayapra stand out from the rest.