why Samaypra

why Samaypra

Mr. Basant Jain says, “When you are serving people - 100% service, best in the class quality, professionalism, expertise in terms of skills; are all must have factors”. It doesn’t differentiate you because everybody is ready to offer the same.

So, instead of focusing on, WHY CHOOSE US? Let’s see what’s our ideal customer fit is -

Ideal Customer Profile

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to safeguard a 100 sq. ft. area or a 100 KM. If you are keen on ensuring that nothing is missed or compromised against the possible fire accidents then, you are welcome on board.

Technical Competence

The ability to do something efficiently, possessing the required skills is always essential for a business to establish it's worth. And we at Samaypra, are always proud to flaunt our technical knowhow.
We have a inhouse team of highly skilled, trail and tasted fire protection engineers. Our system designers posses eyesight of an eagle, not even the minutest detail is neglected while designing a system, they work as per NFPA rules and codes. And also the local authority standards are never compromised.

You understand the importance & value of safety

Do best services, perfect project execution and assurance to use all the required equipment/ material call for extra charges? Well, absolutely not! And we are least bothered about what we want to sell. Our objective is always to build the best fire safety system for you.

Expensive? No way!

Are we doing any charity, when we continuously say we don’t give importance to money?
Well, we also have people with families but, as our values states, “The customer should always see the value that he/she is getting for the price paid. Neither overpaid nor underpaid, that’s how we charge”.

Knowledge is always worthy!

Though you do not have a specific need right now, want to know & understand the importance of having a fire safety system installed at your work/home. You are very much welcome for a cup of tea/coffee to discuss the same. Again, remember, “Precaution is always better than cure”!