Client : Zingeria, Game Zone at Metro Junction Mall

Industry : Entertainment

Media : Print, Digital


The Metro Junction mall in Kalyan planned to launch a Gaming Zone for the younger crowds and small children who frequently visit the mall as well as the entire target base residing in the area. The brief was to create a name and marketing strategy so as to immediately create a buzz and hype around the Zone. The aim was to create a brand from scratch, and with the help of initial widespread social media marketing provide a strong customer base to the GameZone.


We were asked to provide a vast range of services to the client ranging from Nomenclature, Corporate Identity Development (Logo), Tagline, Creation of a Brand Identity, In-Store Branding, OOH Designs and Social Media Marketing. Based on an extensive research, we suggested the idea of developing a character for a successful launch which was accepted by the client. Our strategy of widespread marketing and communication created a large customer base for the GameZone at Metro Junction mall.

The approach

This extremely complex and creatively driven task of creating a brand from scratch required a successful amalgamation of desire of the target audience and expression of the brand. The nomenclature process involved coining of the high energy word in ‘Zing’ and combining it with ‘area’, Zingeria. The Corporate Identity creation involved filling the logo with vibrant colors to signify high energy associated with the gaming zone and a purple ring over the letter G communicates the entrance of fun, excitement and happiness. Incorporating a tagline relatable to Zingeria into the logo was significant to pass on the message of what the name Zingeria meant to communicate with the children. It’s message of excitement, high energy and fun was communicated through the tagline “Bring It On” which directly asked the kids to come and take up these games as a challenge and enjoy!

The step of character development was introduced into the launch plan by our agency based on research on the minds of the target group which is primarily of children. The idea was to create a character relatable to every fun loving kid, the uniform was to attract school going children. The process was given an in-depth approach and options of over 200 sketches created over a period of months were presented to the client who then narrowed it down to the final character who represented the mindset of a person who would love to live in Zingeria 24x7. Our creative designing built the image of a stylish and expressive young boy who loves to play at Zingeria. This relatable character signified every young child and a marketing campaign with him next to the word ‘Play’ was used as a way of expressing every child’s desire.


The well thought-out and precisely targeted launch of Zingeria with a marketing campaign of staging a world every kid dreams has led to a successful creation of hype and further led to a highly frequented GameZone at the Metro Junction mall. The accurate marketing combined with the built-up excitement through the character and print ads made Zingeria widely popular amongst the intended audience of the respected area. The Zingeria marketing campaign received the “National Award for Marketing Excellence” from the Times Network for creating a popular campaign and reaching a wide audience in a very short span of time. This filled to capacity space of Zingeria is testament to the success of our launch and marketing campaign.